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Hotel Management System

Hotel Software Solutions

Hotel Management System is a fully integrated software package designed to manage your hospitality business from small individual hotels to large international hotel chains. Using Hotel Management System Software, you can manage your Hotel Property Reservations, Front Office, Store, House Keeping, Accounting, Billing, Bookings etc.


With over four decades of rich experience in the hospitality industry, HRH Group has now diversified into IT Services with HRH Infotech, which has developed robust and proven systems for smooth running & effective monitoring of various Business Processes covering end to end operations of the Hospitality Industry.

This covers all Operations in a Hotel catering to the Centralized Management of various business functions like eCRM, Central Reservation, Hotel Management System, Central Inventory Control, Central Repairs & Maintenance Monitoring, Legal Function Management, Funds Management, Centralized HR practices, Schools Management System, PR etc.

Each of these products has unique features which will help you to enforce systematic procedures in a well-defined manner.

By implementing the software, an organization can improve efficiencies in terms of quick decision-making, fast operations, cost control and most important, enable revenue enhancements.

Hotel Operation Features

It is covered by the HMS (Hotel Management System) including:

Key Features:
  • Front Office Management
  • Point of Sales Restaurants /BAR /Laundry/SPA
  • Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable
  • Business Materialization Monitoring
  • It also has centralized masters so that consolidated reporting is possible for the Group.
  • Highly parameterized to configure the property / point of sales / users / departments / user’s group.
  • Flexible Tax and compliance management structure so that any tax components can be configured thru the front end admin module.
  • Fully Customised and Dynamic Guest Feedback System.
Central Reservation System Features

Group Central Reservation System

This is a Centralized Reservation System for a multi location property / hotel chain having web interface for Sales Office / Units to access common database in a centralized location. It shows Online Room Status and Arrival lists are available to sales offices/units. Workflow is defined by the web-interface so that Sales Offices across the globe can communicate the leads via Booking Application Requests (BAR) and the room and inventory is controlled by Central Reservation Department sitting at head office.

Key Features:
  • Group / FIT/ Package booking interface
  • Client Special Rate Management
  • Extensive user logs for productivity/activities monitoring
  • Unlimited room tariff option on date range/period
  • Quick room status viewing
  • Various reports: Arrival lists, Revenue on segments, Source of booking, Unit/sales office/sales person’s performance tracking

Customer Relationship Management Module Features

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and SFA

In this segment we have an entire web-based product titled "eCRM and SFA (Sales Force Automation)". This innovation has also been awarded recently. It offers automated workflow for Sales Force.

Key Features:
  • Sales call planning
  • Appointments with the client and key account management
  • Sales call and follow up
  • Real-time monitoring of Business performance on varied segments/markets /offices.
  • Market research reports
  • Integrated with Central Reservation System

The solution is entirely based on a centralized process from initiating an appointment with the prospective client, having a sales call; follow up of prospects generated, conversion and ongoing client relationship management. The solution keeps Sales Force, operational Unit Heads as well as the Heads at the corporate decision making in the loop for tracking of each call made by the sales at any location/office of the Organization. The reports generated by centralized dashboard based on the market research data added by the users is a big advantage having various projections for future planning. Featured with extensive call planner interface, there is a "Dashboard" for Sales force which keeps them prompted for follow-ups and alerted for prescheduled meetings with clients. The sales call conversion is directly integrated with the core application of business i.e. CRS (Central Reservation System) and keeps tracking of calls of business generated and opportunity lost. It provides a centralized reporting system to the Top Management for monitoring of various pre-sales activity within the business specially the probable business in "pipe-lines" wherein the probability-index is maintained to keep close eye on the calls having higher probability of business conversions. Collaboration within the entire decision making chain is enabled with the tools interfacing with E-mail and SMS gateways. The solution allows automatic SMS of Sales Calls to the decision maker for the alerts as per the probability-of-closing limits defined. It is also integrated with the enterprise mailing system so that on a single click, the selected sales-call can be forwarded to concerned authorities for quick update and approvals. Various reports have been designed to give insight on the prospective business and consolidate the efforts v/s conversions". It has quick ROI showcase to demonstrate improved efficiencies in terms of effort analysis of sales forces, target prospect analysis, efficiency matrices, market research data analysis, season's and off season's projections to support actions on Demand v/s Supply for handling of market dynamics. The Top Management can access reports on a web-based portal for analytics and thus it helps to respond better to the competition.

Loyalty Information System Module Features

Customer Loyalty Information System:

This is a Web-Based system for customer loyalty segment to maintain how the ‘Regal Club ‘members are consuming the services and its related check-points.

Key Features:
  • Consolidated centralized master
  • Regal Card Expiration alerts and follow-up.
  • Sales call and follow up
  • Performance reports revenue, card frequency, member wise.
Revenue Information System Module Features

Revenue Information System

It’s a web based BI (Business Intelligence) tool for the Group and covers:-

Key Features:
  • Business Materialization Master
  • Sales Office wise performance
  • Client wise performance
  • Top n clients
  • Best Clients ARR (Average Room Revenue) based
  • Territory, units, cities , sales executive, sales offices based reporting for better visibility in entire revenue management.
Credit function Module Features

Credit Function Management System

Consolidated Credit Management across the Group is enabled by this module.

Key Features:
  • Various follow-up for centralized payment and recoveries.
  • Ageing analysis on different days for outstanding payments.
  • Raises Alerts and provides a centralized repository for central credit function.
  • Interfaced with the HMS at hotel operations.
Guest Feedback System

Guest Feedback System

Guest Feedback System is a completely integrated and customised feedback system.

  • Create dynamic feedback form.
  • Send feedback request and check feedback status
  • Dashboard to view performance of different properties according to feedback.
  • Effective reporting to be analysed by management according to feedback received.

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